The Things You Shouldn’t Do When Dieting

The Things You Shouldn’t Do When Dieting

More often than not, a lot of individuals fall trap into committing diet mistakes because of false advertisement purported by the media and by businessmen engaged in the process of luring customers just for the sake of money.

It is fervently hoped that at the end of this article, you will be more cautious and mindful of the more common mistakes any individual may do for the love of dieting. Here are but some pointers.

  • You wantto dietbecause, primarily, you want to be healthy for yourself. This strong statement specifically concerns those who diet not for themselves but all for another person. For instance, an overlyobese lad wants to diet because a girl she is fond of does not want anything to do with someone like the boy’s weight and built.

When you diet, you have that burning passion to lose weight because you recognize and acknowledge that your body is slowly decaying and that you need to do something about it. Moreover, you chose to diet because you want to prevent chronic health conditions and curb the possibility of dying at an early age.

Diet because you need it for yourself.

  • Focus on the long-term goal versus the short-term goal.While there are quick-fix approaches that fortunately apply to some people, it is best to think long-term. You don’t diet because you will be attending a high school reunion or you’ll have a grand role in a wedding ceremony, you diet because you envision yourself as ahealthy person ready to take on anything in the world. You have think about the energy you’ll have and that unmistakable feeling of being well; in effect, do not confine yourself to figures in a scale or to a dress size that unbelievably slaves a lot of people.
  • Thou shall not limit yourself to a certainfoodor food group. A lot of people make that mistake of consuming just one drink or food or food group. If you scrutinize most diets recommended these days, these diets do not solely focus on a certain food item. In fact, you would expect a variety of foods that should be consumed. It is awfully wrong to exclusively limit or restrict your body to just plain carbohydrates or protein or vitamins and minerals. The body won’t be able to thrive with just one food group.
  • Don’t be a victim of false advertisement.This, sadly, is easier said than done. How many times have you dialed that number and asked to be connected to an agent who would brilliantly convince you to buy something that, in just a few days, will prove worthless? Make your own power research, the internet is a helpful tool.
  • Never, never ever push your body beyond its limitation.Our body is similar to a machine. It may worn out easily and it also needs time to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate. Do not attempt to try the obviously drastic measures. You would not want to end up in a hospital or worse, in the morgue just because you did not use your common sense. While you may not picture yourself in the aforementioned situations, you don’t want to end up as an entity from outer space or as a cartoon character.

At the end of the day, it is all about the individual who is dieting to choose to be empowered. There is more to dieting than researching and surfing the net for information and entrusting your approach to a registered dietitian or your healthcare provider, you have to take that extra step and effort to know yourself and your body.


Tracy Anderson Diet – What You Should Know About It

Tracy Anderson Diet – What You Should Know About It

Without a doubt, we all want to have the perfect and healthy body that is devoid of any fatty element from the unsightly cellulite to the overly bulging love handles. In effect, we search for the ideal diet that we promise to adhere to. However, the problem comes in when we realize that there are just a lot of different diets out in the market today.

For this reason, we’ll try to digest information about one of the much-talked about diets today, the Tracy Anderson diet. There is nothing absolutely wrong about trying out new and radical things especially if these will reap positive effects but at the same time, we should still be wary and cautious about the information we get.

The Tracy Anderson diet is equated to several Hollywood stars that exude the confidence most of us struggle with. With bodies that are to die for, the diet is definitely something that has shown encouraging benefits. Who would not want to have the bodies of the ultimate diva, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Shakira, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson? Even at their not-so-young age, these gorgeous-looking women boast bodies that are several years younger than they truly are. More than that, their bodies are basically fabulous, trimmed and cut to bring out their best assets and curves.

 A Bird’s Eye View

 The diet is undeniably a radical approach. Everyday, an individual will have to consume a specific number of calories. This would range from a good 1, 400 to 1,800 depending on whether you are a man or a woman. The idea is to exclusively devour lean protein and vegetables. Accordingly, there are other secret techniques and these can be found in the books published by Tracy herself.

More than the meticulous dieting, the food plan also includes a workout that Tracy has also devised. This workout includes a painstaking one hundred minutes of cardio and strength sessions. A further inquisition to the workout is that Tracy recommends a careful evaluation of what exactly can a person achieve as well as his limitations. There are height bars as well as bands and weights to utilize, all depending on the careful evaluation made on the person who will undergo the program.

  The Elements

There are different stages to be mindful of with the diet. In the first phase, you’ll be encouraged to eat a lot of nature’s natural sweeper. Fiber-rich foods will help you eliminate all those toxin buildups to make you feel lighter but at the same time, full. Moreover, this will boost your metabolism resulting into faster burning of fats.

Tracy is a supporter of lean protein and vegetables. For those individuals who still need a little nudge, the Baby Food Cleanse diet may be advised. According to reports, the multi-awarded actress, Aniston underwent this diet and proclaimed that this has indeed helped her out especially in preparing for her film roles.

This diet involves eating like a baby, meaning, you’ll have to enjoy an everyday meal of pureed food. The great part is that you can lose at the very least, five pounds after a week. The downside is that if you don’t keep up well with the succeeding diet, there’s a great chance that your weight will increase.

The second phase of the diet involves working out in order to tone and shape your muscles. You will not, of course, bulk up but will be focusing more on your smaller muscles to reveal more of your curves. Finally, the third part would have to cardio training to hasten your body’s metabolism and as a result, to help you burn more calories and unwanted fats.

 Some Techniques

Starting your day with a warm cup of green tea is certainly a terrific way to start your day. To give you the needed boost and refreshment, you may also opt for a milkshake or a gluten-free bar.

After your power breakfast, proceed to your simple workout. Tracy, after your workout, also encourages the consumption of a special formulation of vegetable juices that consist of spinach, kale, chard, ginger, parsley and even lemon and apple.

For lunch, while Tracy advocates for vegetables like cucumber and tomato, those who are non-vegan can take advantage of lean protein such as grilled chicken and saltless roasted turkey. A few hours into sleeping, you can have vegetable soup or salad for your dinner after eating nuts for snack.

Perhaps the best part of the Tracy Anderson Diet is the pretty simple and blatant claim of the proponents saying that there’s this guarantee of thirty days. With 30 days to boot to get the extremely superb bodies of the aforementioned celebrities, why not?

A Bird’s Eye View on the Surgical Management of Weight Loss

A Bird’s Eye View on the Surgical Management of Weight Loss

You see it plastered over the daily newspapers and tabloids on an almost everyday basis. You see and hear the media making a spectacle out of every celebrity who has been identified as a patronizer. You’ve seen it in a lot of prominent personalities and some of your friends and officemates have verbalized undergoing such. You think about yourself, your genes and the way you are living the very common sedentary lifestyle these days. You ask yourself: Am I ready for liposuction and any other similar procedure? Am I qualified?

You are not alone. Nowadays, a lot of people, confronted with the reality of weight gain have thought about the different surgical options. Believe it or not, liposuction is one of the commonest procedure these days and for very good reasons. Weight loss is possible with surgical procedures. Yes, there is pain during and right after the procedure plus you have to bear with limping for some time while you nurse a surgery. Yes, there would be risks involved from formation of a clot to pneumonia or even death at the operative table.

However, with surgical procedures, you are well aware of the fact that you can get almost instantaneous results. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for almost six months just to be able to see and feel the results. Moneywise, you know that while it may be costly, you just have to shell out a certain amount just for one time only and after that, you can go on and save your money for other purposes.

Here are but some of the several options you can take when you want to shed off pounds and eradicate the flabs:


  • Liposuction.This procedure involves the removal of subcutaneous fats from areas where fats have accumulated through the years. Examples of these areas in the body are the abdomen, upper arms and the hips. Liposuction is rather common; for this reason, injuries that have been reported in the past have been significantly reduced although clients who undergo such procedure are still advised on complications that include severe pain, infection, formation of blood clot and hematoma.
  • Bariatric Surgery.In this method, two more common types are employed in hospitals and clinics. One is called the gastric restriction in combination with malabsorption surgery and the other is gastric restrictive surgery. In layman’s parlance, bariatic is simply cutting a section of the stomach. When this is done, just a few bites immediately satisfy a once voracious eater.
  • What is more is that a person who has undergone the procedure does not need to restrict his nutrient intake so it is certainly an option worth noting. Several individuals have undergone such procedure. Accordingly, bariatric patients have shown significant improvement in their health conditions. It is said that complications of obesity like hypertension, diabetes and apnea have been greatly reduced
  • Vertical Banded Gastroplasty.In here, the surgeon puts a vertical line of special staples in order to create a pouch. The band will then be connected to provide a passage to the small intestine. Just like any operative case, problems such as bleeding, infection and minor discomfort like nausea and vomiting can occur in gastroplasty.

These are but a few of the numerous recent surgeries that can be availed when all means of dieting and weight loss techniques have been exhausted by an individual. As always, it is best to consult reputable healthcare professionals. Do not make that mistake of consulting those who sweet talk you out of situations and issues and concerns that you have to critically deal with.


The Non-Surgical Management of Being Overweight and Obese

The Non-Surgical Management of Being Overweight and Obese

In just a few years from now, several experts from the medical field have surmised and predicted a much higher incidence of overweight and obesity, not only amongst advanced countries like the United States but also several other developing countries. Needless to say, the figures today are already alarming and if we choose not to do something about these, we would wind up as a world where people walking in the street can just have heart attacks primarily because they did not care about their weight.

Thankfully, if we start on early, we can reduce the aforementioned problems. While operations are fast-growing options from bariatric surgery to liposuction, there are non-surgical and therefore, non-invasive measures to significantly reduce the weight of every individual. The non-surgical ways are highly preferred because there are practically no side effects to be felt by the person. Not only that, these types of management cost less compared to the expenses one might incur when undergoing operative procedures.

  • DietPrograms
    There are different programs enjoyed and recommended by several individuals. One example of which is fasting. Depending on one’s preference and presumably, stamina and strength, a person can virtually eat nothing just to be able to lose weight accordingly. This could be a dangerous method for some people. While most experts do not advocate for such because of the danger, there are still some who swear by the positive effects.
    Another facet to diet programs includes consuming either of the four options from low-energy, low-calorie meals, low-fat or low carbohydrate-levels. A certain food group is controlled and is targeted at significant weight loss. An example of these programs includes the popular Atkins diet.
    Finally, there’s what is termed as the novelty diets. These diets or say, formulations, have a certain ingredient or food added or concocted to speed up metabolism. Have you ever heard of a mixture especially made for dieting? This mixture consists of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and other herbs.
  • Diet Therapy
    For this type of therapy, a registered dietitian or a healthcare provider is contacted for professional help and advice. Usually, calculating the calories versus the possible weight loss is done. From then on, realistic goals are set. Of course, the methods utilized here are always complemented by exercise programs that could also be managed by a professional, say, an exercise physiologist, a physical therapist or a gym instructor.
  • Drug Therapy
    When we dwell on this category, we almost immediately think about several advertisements that feature sexy or sometimes, skinny women. We think about before and after pictures. Drug therapy uses medications. There are different medicines with different purposes such as suppression of the appetite, reduction of cravings and inhibition of some digestive mechanism. Simply, you use drugs for weight loss. Without the need to elaborate though, the use of these therapies mean possible side effects or adverse reactions.
  • Alternative Approaches
    These are complementary measures commonly conducted by people including doctors, advocating the use ofcomplementary medicineand methods. One popular technique to losing weight dating back to the olden ages is acupuncture or the use of a special needle to prick a certain body part. Other methods include hypnosis, acupressure and ayurvedic.

In the end, whichever you choose, it is critical to be very well informed. Of course and as expected, there are drawbacks for each of the therapy. It is then up to you to judge and ascertain whether the benefits of a certain measure outweighs the risks. If you have an existing chronic condition like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular problems, it is best though to consult your doctor.


The Don’t s of Dieting

The Don’t s of Dieting

Our society is undeniably obsessed with losing a lot of weight and looking like thinly chiseled mannequins displayed in boutiques and stores. This belief, as strengthened by some individuals poses a threat to the overall health and wellbeing of everyone else especially teens and young adults who are admittedly, overly conscious of their body physique.

For those of us who are informed, it is clear that we have to educate the rest. Hopefully, with these don’ts of dieting, the rest of the uninformed population will revert back to the more accepted ways of losing weight, of dieting.

o Do not strain your body by consuming less than one thousand calories in a single day. This is utterly impossible and dangerous even for people who are not purposively doing anything. Clearly, this strategy becomes more lethal when the person chooses to strenuously work out and exercise. Apart from hampering absorption of vital nutrients for the body, you might end up losing consciousness or unable to work effectively at home, at the office or in your school. Beware!

o Do not deny a craving. Obsessing over a little food cheat is perfectly normal. You can always reward for yourself, say, once a month or, you’ll just have to figure things out. Denying yourself of a little indulgence could be more harmful because there’s a high tendency and risk for you to go beyond just consuming a small portion once you give in. Additionally, you don’t want to feel defeated and sad knowing that you can’t even have a taste of your fave food. Don’t worry, dieting will still work if you stick to your plan.

o Do not think that dieting alone is exclusive to the foods you take in. More than controlling the portions of the food you eat and more than trying to avoid certain food items, you have to understand that adequate rest and sleep also plays an essential role in losing weight, that is, according to recent studies conducted. Moreover, exercise is also helpful in facilitating the burning of one’s calories. So, in effect, you have to consider a whole lot of factors before even thinking about successful dieting.

o A quick-fix is not the ultimate answer. When you want to lose weight, you don’t have to lose more than five kilograms in a week; that is roughly equivalent to ten pounds in a week. This is, for lack of terms, ridiculous! You are not only sacrificing fats, you are also giving away important electrolytes, muscle and water. You have to be mindful that when muscles are lost, your metabolic rate slows down and as a result, while you may end up tipping the scales in your favored weight, you will remarkably gain weight in no time.

o Do not be unrealistic about your goals. Of course, the more unachievable your target is, the higher chances of ending up as a sore loser in the end. You don’t want to set goals that, in the end will see you engage in yo-yo dieting. You want to be firm in your objectives and ensure that your mission will be accomplished.

o Do not underestimate the power and potency of increasing your oral fluid intake. Fluids especially water will help a lot in speeding up your metabolism. With water, you don’t only feel full, you don’t just feel refreshed and rejuvenated but you are also supplied with electrolytes to strike the needed optimal balance and you end up effectively eliminating unwanted toxins in the body. By fluids though, it does not mean that you can drink anything in its fluid state. Healthy fluids are natural fruit juices, natural smoothies and other drinks. Shun away from those which are heavily laden with alcohol and caffeine.

Finally, do not think that only the ones with money will succeed in dieting, you can, with grim determination and hardwork, you will be able to successfully reap the benefits.


Living with a Six Pack Abs Diet

Living with a Six Pack Abs Diet

There is more to everything than meets the eye. This is exactly true when we talk about having to boast a body with all the right cuts and curves. Now, having said that, when you are aiming for that six pack abs, you have to know that genes alone won’t help you achieve that kind of body, you have to play your cards and you have to know that diet plays a very crucial role.

Apart from the food, you’ll also have to deal with a great deal of exercise techniques and tricks as well as adequate rest and sleep. So, are you ready to reveal the perfectly chiseled you? Are you ready for what is in store when talk about the six pack abs diet? Will you live to conquer or die sulking?

Here are but a few of the tips and pointers that proponents of the said diet have suggested:

Small frequent feedings versus three large square meals. The idea behind is a well-distributed stock of glucose, calories and carbohydrates. This way, you don’t feel hungry all the time and that any sort of hunger pang will be curbed. More than that, small frequent feedings also mean you remain satiated and energized at any given time of the day.

Natural is the best way to go. Without giving more details, natural food is far better than the processed ones. With the additives and other synthetic chemicals and ingredients added to the processed ones, you will never know. When you go natural, take comfort in the fact that you don’t want have to worry about ingesting food that already lack the nutritive elements to be absorbed by your body.

Protein, protein and protein. If you are really bent on bulking up, you have to ensure that you get an adequate amount of protein in your system. This would mean adding a significant amount of protein in your meals. Do not fret though as to where you can source this food group. Protein can be found in eggs, lean meat, legumes, tofu as well as sea foods.

Drink plenty of water. Think of the five primary benefits of water as compared to consuming coffee, soda, colas and other artificial beverages. Water boosts burning of calories, facilitates fiber to move easily in the digestive tract, helps in the elimination and flushing of toxins, prevents dehydration (from workout) and supports any exercise plan specifically, by carrying the nutrients and oxygen needed while exercising.

Low carbohydrates consisting of starchy goodies like wheat bread, oatmeal and pasta will certainly enhance your dieting. A low carbohydrate diet plan should be adhered to. Conversely, you have to ensure that you don’t starve yourself. Eat but be conscious of what you eat.

Planning is the key. You don’t go to war without preparing your weapons. Thus, make sure to have those sticky notes ready, the diet plans listed, your notebook for your dietary etc.

Of course and without saying much, a healthy body would have to forget about an unhealthy lifestyle. Forget about ever laying hands on junk foods, alcohol, nicotine (found in cigarettes) and laziness. Discipline and sacrifice will pay a lot in the end.

To give you a better idea on how the six pack abs diet works, here are food items to include in your cart. What makes these foods interesting is that you can buy these at the nearest grocery or wet market and you don’t need to search far and wide just to be able to buy any item. Remember, simplicity is the key. Going natural will go a long way.

Vegetables – Loaded with vitamins and minerals, veggies also have fiber.

Fruits– Instead of buying chips or ordering a value meal from a fastfood outlet, go grab an apple or a banana for snacks. You not only become healthier but you are assured that your body becomes satiated.

Brown Rice – In this case, brown rice compared to white rice is better because the former is less processed. Thus, the unmilled brown rice has a greater potency to lower heart and digestive problems as well as Type 2 Diabetes.

Whole Grains – The same works for bread, pasta, oats and cereals. Whole grains work way better than the processed ones as these are more nutritious.

Lean Meat – There are a variety of meat products in the market but if you are aiming for more protein but less of the greasy fat, go for the generous slices of turkey, chicken, ostrich and buffalo.

Cheese and Nuts – Apart from fruits, cheese and nuts are also good alternatives for snacks.

Honey and Tea – Instead of grabbing your fave soda or alcoholic beverage, sip tea. This will not only make you more relax and refreshed, you will also benefit from not dealing with the harmful effects of alcohol, excess caffeine and sugar. As a sensible option for your sweet tooth, honey is the optimal answer.

Finally, with grim determination and perhaps, complemented by the moral support of your family and friends, in no time, you’ll be able to achieve the body that you have always wanted. Thanks to the six pack abs diet and you get to have that dream body to help you live longer and better.

Saving Your Body and Yourself: Dieting the Proper Way

Saving Your Body and Yourself: Dieting the Proper Way

Like hundreds and thousands of people in the world today, you sure would want to achieve that beautiful, trim and fit body that will keep others ogling at you. For the most part though, having a flab body entails a lot of sacrifice and discipline.

More than the two combined, you should also have that willpower and determination to, by all means, resist temptation and to counter unhealthy eating habits, laziness and lack of time.

So, do you think you are ready to lose weight? Are you convinced that you have what it takes to shed off those extra pounds? Hopefully, by the end of this reading, you will feel more confident in making that move.

Before you even start though, one must be mindful that in order to lose weight, the three essential elements of dieting, exercise and adequate rest have to play and work hand in hand. Without one working efficiently, your goal of dieting is doomed right from the start.
In this text, we focus on dieting. Here are some well-meaning pointers that are aimed at helping you save your body and yourself by dieting the proper and appropriate way:

– Small frequent feedings/servings.

Compared to the three large square meals in one day, small frequent feedings distribute the glucose and the calories all throughout the day. This way, hunger pangs are prevented and you end up allowing your body to properly digest the food you eat. Small portions everyday will also help facilitate a higher metabolism for the body.

– Consult a registered and reputable dietitian.

Ask around. Use the power of the Internet and your phone. By talking about your plans to a dietitian, you will become more informed and therefore, you will be armed with the right information. Moreover, you would not have to suffer from anything serious or adverse because you consulted with someone who has a professional education on what is a really safe and efficient diet program.

 – Never underestimate the power of drinking plenty of water.
If you are really bent on dieting, water not only makes you feel fuller but it will also increase your metabolism according to studies made. By drinking at least eight glasses of water in one day, your body compensates by working harder to get the optimal temperature equal to your body.

– Be reasonable.

Inasmuch as you want to lose all those unsightly flab’s and cellulites, there is simply no magic. You have to be striving and be reasonable when you aim at dieting. Give yourself time and from there, you will surely be able to appreciate the results. Besides, you don’t want to engage in a diet that is dangerous and that might even cause you your life.

 Cut back on junks and sweets and consume lots of fiber.

Without the need to explain and elaborate, junks are loaded with all sorts of unhealthy ingredients especially fats. A good home-cooked meal is of course, the better option. And since you are already there, trim down on those mouth-watering pastries and make sure that you eat a lot of nature’s natural sweeper. This natural sweeper refers to fibrous foods that can readily be found in veggies and fruits.

True enough, there is no one single perfect rule to dieting, several factors have to be taken in to yield a successful result. You just have to be patient and always proactively decipher what information you should believe. Good luck!