The Don’t s of Dieting

The Don’t s of Dieting

Our society is undeniably obsessed with losing a lot of weight and looking like thinly chiseled mannequins displayed in boutiques and stores. This belief, as strengthened by some individuals poses a threat to the overall health and wellbeing of everyone else especially teens and young adults who are admittedly, overly conscious of their body physique.

For those of us who are informed, it is clear that we have to educate the rest. Hopefully, with these don’ts of dieting, the rest of the uninformed population will revert back to the more accepted ways of losing weight, of dieting.

o Do not strain your body by consuming less than one thousand calories in a single day. This is utterly impossible and dangerous even for people who are not purposively doing anything. Clearly, this strategy becomes more lethal when the person chooses to strenuously work out and exercise. Apart from hampering absorption of vital nutrients for the body, you might end up losing consciousness or unable to work effectively at home, at the office or in your school. Beware!

o Do not deny a craving. Obsessing over a little food cheat is perfectly normal. You can always reward for yourself, say, once a month or, you’ll just have to figure things out. Denying yourself of a little indulgence could be more harmful because there’s a high tendency and risk for you to go beyond just consuming a small portion once you give in. Additionally, you don’t want to feel defeated and sad knowing that you can’t even have a taste of your fave food. Don’t worry, dieting will still work if you stick to your plan.

o Do not think that dieting alone is exclusive to the foods you take in. More than controlling the portions of the food you eat and more than trying to avoid certain food items, you have to understand that adequate rest and sleep also plays an essential role in losing weight, that is, according to recent studies conducted. Moreover, exercise is also helpful in facilitating the burning of one’s calories. So, in effect, you have to consider a whole lot of factors before even thinking about successful dieting.

o A quick-fix is not the ultimate answer. When you want to lose weight, you don’t have to lose more than five kilograms in a week; that is roughly equivalent to ten pounds in a week. This is, for lack of terms, ridiculous! You are not only sacrificing fats, you are also giving away important electrolytes, muscle and water. You have to be mindful that when muscles are lost, your metabolic rate slows down and as a result, while you may end up tipping the scales in your favored weight, you will remarkably gain weight in no time.

o Do not be unrealistic about your goals. Of course, the more unachievable your target is, the higher chances of ending up as a sore loser in the end. You don’t want to set goals that, in the end will see you engage in yo-yo dieting. You want to be firm in your objectives and ensure that your mission will be accomplished.

o Do not underestimate the power and potency of increasing your oral fluid intake. Fluids especially water will help a lot in speeding up your metabolism. With water, you don’t only feel full, you don’t just feel refreshed and rejuvenated but you are also supplied with electrolytes to strike the needed optimal balance and you end up effectively eliminating unwanted toxins in the body. By fluids though, it does not mean that you can drink anything in its fluid state. Healthy fluids are natural fruit juices, natural smoothies and other drinks. Shun away from those which are heavily laden with alcohol and caffeine.

Finally, do not think that only the ones with money will succeed in dieting, you can, with grim determination and hardwork, you will be able to successfully reap the benefits.


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