Tracy Anderson Diet – What You Should Know About It

Tracy Anderson Diet – What You Should Know About It

Without a doubt, we all want to have the perfect and healthy body that is devoid of any fatty element from the unsightly cellulite to the overly bulging love handles. In effect, we search for the ideal diet that we promise to adhere to. However, the problem comes in when we realize that there are just a lot of different diets out in the market today.

For this reason, we’ll try to digest information about one of the much-talked about diets today, the Tracy Anderson diet. There is nothing absolutely wrong about trying out new and radical things especially if these will reap positive effects but at the same time, we should still be wary and cautious about the information we get.

The Tracy Anderson diet is equated to several Hollywood stars that exude the confidence most of us struggle with. With bodies that are to die for, the diet is definitely something that has shown encouraging benefits. Who would not want to have the bodies of the ultimate diva, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Shakira, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson? Even at their not-so-young age, these gorgeous-looking women boast bodies that are several years younger than they truly are. More than that, their bodies are basically fabulous, trimmed and cut to bring out their best assets and curves.

 A Bird’s Eye View

 The diet is undeniably a radical approach. Everyday, an individual will have to consume a specific number of calories. This would range from a good 1, 400 to 1,800 depending on whether you are a man or a woman. The idea is to exclusively devour lean protein and vegetables. Accordingly, there are other secret techniques and these can be found in the books published by Tracy herself.

More than the meticulous dieting, the food plan also includes a workout that Tracy has also devised. This workout includes a painstaking one hundred minutes of cardio and strength sessions. A further inquisition to the workout is that Tracy recommends a careful evaluation of what exactly can a person achieve as well as his limitations. There are height bars as well as bands and weights to utilize, all depending on the careful evaluation made on the person who will undergo the program.

  The Elements

There are different stages to be mindful of with the diet. In the first phase, you’ll be encouraged to eat a lot of nature’s natural sweeper. Fiber-rich foods will help you eliminate all those toxin buildups to make you feel lighter but at the same time, full. Moreover, this will boost your metabolism resulting into faster burning of fats.

Tracy is a supporter of lean protein and vegetables. For those individuals who still need a little nudge, the Baby Food Cleanse diet may be advised. According to reports, the multi-awarded actress, Aniston underwent this diet and proclaimed that this has indeed helped her out especially in preparing for her film roles.

This diet involves eating like a baby, meaning, you’ll have to enjoy an everyday meal of pureed food. The great part is that you can lose at the very least, five pounds after a week. The downside is that if you don’t keep up well with the succeeding diet, there’s a great chance that your weight will increase.

The second phase of the diet involves working out in order to tone and shape your muscles. You will not, of course, bulk up but will be focusing more on your smaller muscles to reveal more of your curves. Finally, the third part would have to cardio training to hasten your body’s metabolism and as a result, to help you burn more calories and unwanted fats.

 Some Techniques

Starting your day with a warm cup of green tea is certainly a terrific way to start your day. To give you the needed boost and refreshment, you may also opt for a milkshake or a gluten-free bar.

After your power breakfast, proceed to your simple workout. Tracy, after your workout, also encourages the consumption of a special formulation of vegetable juices that consist of spinach, kale, chard, ginger, parsley and even lemon and apple.

For lunch, while Tracy advocates for vegetables like cucumber and tomato, those who are non-vegan can take advantage of lean protein such as grilled chicken and saltless roasted turkey. A few hours into sleeping, you can have vegetable soup or salad for your dinner after eating nuts for snack.

Perhaps the best part of the Tracy Anderson Diet is the pretty simple and blatant claim of the proponents saying that there’s this guarantee of thirty days. With 30 days to boot to get the extremely superb bodies of the aforementioned celebrities, why not?

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